N I M B L E S 2 P


1. Product

NimbleS2P connects your organization with your suppliers & business partners and provides an easy to use SaaS platform for all key business collaboration and transaction needs. It enables automation and digitisation of supplier relationship management, procurement, invoice processing, e-invoicing and working capital management. It delivers unparalleled ROI, reach, flexibility, and value to both buyers and suppliers, simplifying business commerce.

Yes, you can certainly request a demo here.

Everyone wants to know how long it takes to get our application up and running for their organization. Our recommended timeline is 3 to 5 weeks to set up your account, 2 weeks to test and touch up, and 2 weeks of user training. However, the timeline needs to be assesed based on business requirements and supplier base!

NimbleS2P helps in self service, rapid collaboration and build a strong brand reputation fo buyers. Our product has helped both buyers and suppliers gain operational efficiencies, realize cost savings, and find new business.

2. Data & Security

NimbleS2P is fully secure and hosted on world’s leading platforms like Micorsoft Azure and AWS. Your data is fully protected, encrypted with high availability and disaster recovery mechanisms. For more information please contact our sales team info@techpanion.com

We’re confident we’ll keep you happy but if you decide to end the relationship you can export all of your data easily. The data migration facility is available in standard formats and once the migration is completed we purge all the data from our systems automatically.

3. Billing

Yes, you can upgrade / downgrade at the time of anniversary date. We wouldn’t tell you how to run your business, so we want you to structure your account as you need.

NimbleS2P is priced on based on packages with flexibility to add-ons. One of our team members would be happy to find out which plan works best for you! You can schedule a meeting here.

4. Miscellaneous

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Or you can write to us at info@techpanion.com

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