Contract Management- Unify all types of contracts buyer side, seller side and corporate contracts into a central repository. Automate contract request, capture, review, approval, distribution, storage, management, search & retrieval, signatures, audit & reporting and disposition.
Service Contracts

Increase visibility, collaboration, security, risk mitigation and take control of renewals and rate cards.

Material Contracts

Measure current agreements, review KPIs, manage product lines, ensure compliance and build trust with suppliers.

Intelligent Repository for Active Business

Centralized Repository for storing, searching and retrieving Contracts. Maintain single version of truth with robust security and access controls.

Streamline your Contracts in a few clicks

Expedite your contract actions – Request, Create, Reminders, Renewals, and Disposition.

Go Smart. Approve Fast.

Get consensus from multiple stakeholders, Review and Approve with Smart Workflows, and mobile access.

Win Over Audits in a Compliant Way!

Provide an Easy-to-Use, Read-Only access to internal and external auditors with comprehensive Audit Trial. Eliminate delays and communication gaps.

Success is when your Signature becomes Digital!

Use Digital Signatures to approve contracts anywhere. integrate with industry-leading digital signatures like DocuSign and Zoho Sign.

Ready to experience automation?

Connect, Automate, and Maximize your Buyer-Supplier Interactions.

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