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Supply Chain Financing

Who does not like to Get Paid Early?

With Early Payments, you pay less with various financing options. This ensures smooth and continuous Cash Flow.


Open Credit Enablement (OCEN) is a Marketplace for Loan Lenders, Account Aggregators, and Technical Firms.

Suppliers can choose lenders and preferred options for financing and repayment along with seamless integration with your current lenders and new ones.

Digitization is the Need of Present Scenario‚Äč.

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    NimbleS2P's Procure-To-Pay solution enables businesses to optimise their cash flow through innovative features like supply chain financing. By offering various financing options and the opportunity for early payments, NimbleS2P ensures that organisations pay less, ultimately facilitating a seamless and continuous cash flow for sustained operations.

    NimbleS2P's Procure-To-Pay solution aligns with its promise of supply chain finance solutions. By taking care of connections, integrations and automations, the platform minimises disruptions in business operations.

    NimbleS2P is committed to supply chain finance platform and empowers procurement to transform supplier relations and communications in a smart and strategic manner. The platform's user-friendly interface, multichannel collaboration and seamless integrations contribute to building strong and enduring relationships with suppliers.

    NimbleS2P's Procure-To-Pay solution goes beyond automation to offer a user- friendly experience with features that matter for procurement, including supply chain finance solutions. Suppliers can easily navigate and choose lenders and preferred financing options through seamless integration with current lenders and new ones.

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