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Reimagining International Grade Procurement & Supply Chain Management


As organizations centre less around efficiency and more on resilience, procurement becomes integral to the procedure. So, how a smart investment in procurement can make organizations more resilient?

Recent times have proved that technology is the way forward for the end-to-end supply chain processes and international grade procurement.

How business automation regulates medium and large enterprises

Top 5 SaaS Solutions for Procurement Automation - by Global Tech Outlook


For the medium and large enterprises, technological advancements have become critical for critical processes such as finance, procurement, and operations.

For streamlining the functionalities associated with the business requirements across multiple departments, various companies have come up with robust solutions

Procurement Technology Automating Supplier Management Chain

What goes into making a business continuity & robust supplier network?


Regarding optimization and savings, procurement automation is certainly offering several new opportunities to businesses. Automating procurement technology can result in a more efficient supply chain.

While the pandemic severely impacted the sector, supply chain sector was prompt enough to recover and grow. However, the coronavirus also paved the way for the digital revolution of the logistics segment.

Techpanion’s NimbleS2P automates manual activities for buyers

Why and how a company must focus on procure to pay solutions

IT Voice

Techpanion’s technology solutions automate critical processes in finance, procurement and operations for compliance, efficiency and excellence.

Given the rapid adoption of technology by the rest of the world, procurement and supply chain management, too, have embraced technology.

What Benefits are brought for Smart Business Continuity into enterprises?

5 brands providing P2P and S2P Solutions - by CXO Outlook India


Businesses across industries have eagerly adopted technology in its big and small functions to avail themselves of the best-possible perks. So, what benefits can be brought for smart business continuity?

Both P2P and S2P solutions also improve the collaborative capability during sourcing with other brands. Hence, this ultimately creates an urgent need for vendors to look within both the S2P and P2P solutions. 

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