Automate P2P and get more out of your ERP

Automate Procure-to-Pay: NimbleS2P enables both suppliers and buyer to operate both procurement and accounts payable functions in a fully automated mode.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Procure to Pay Gain Visibility

Gain 100% Visibility

P2P Software Solution Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Better decisions, Smart PO Management

Expedite requisitions, NFA approvals, track POs, vendor acceptance, amendment workflows. Avoid costly errors, enable better decision making, track spend and improve inventory management.

P2P Software PO Management
P2P Software Delivery Management

Zero to Hero in Delivery Management

Manage dispatch, shipment notes, task allocation, and schedule deliveries through intuitive forms, mobile apps, notify, monitor & track.

On-Time! Flexible Approvals

Simplify business approvals with single-step and multi-step reviews, tax validations, and confirmations based on business Rules.

Business Approvals
P2P Software Solution Minimize Mannual Work

Minimize Manual Work! Straight Through Processing

Powerful features to perform validation & verifications, ⅔ way matching, exception handling, and debit note & credit note generation.

More to Invoice Processing Data - Get Insights!

User-friendly dashboard to track invoice processing productivity and business mertics. Actionable insights for Shared Service Centre, operational reports – on demand & scheduled.

Invoice Processing Data

Seamless Integrations.

We bring them Together to Leverage your Investments in a Better Way!​

NimbleS2P integrates with Leading ERPs, Government and Third-Party Systems.

Automation for all document types.

Right from Invoices to Credit/Debit Note, NimbleS2P provides full-fledged automation with ease!

  • PO- Based
  • Non PO
  • Advance Payments
  • Retention Release

Let's automate procure to pay now!

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    NimbleS2P's Procure-To-Pay automation streamlines the entire P2P process, enabling organisations to expedite requisitions, gain 100% visibility and access actionable insights. The system efficiently manages tasks like NFA approvals, vendor acceptance and amendment workflows. With features such as electronic invoicing seamlessly integrated, businesses can significantly increase productivity while avoiding costly errors.

    NimbleS2P empowers businesses with actionable insights that enhance decision- making. Through the platform's automated invoicing software and robust features, including single-step and multi-step reviews, tax validations and confirmations based on business rules organisations can simplify business approvals. This ensures a streamlined process that fosters better decision- making, especially when combined with the system's powerful validation and verification capabilities.

    Absolutely! NimbleS2P's P2P process is designed with minimal change management in mind. The platform's user-friendly interface and powerful features allow for easy adaptation to various business needs and rules. Whether it's 2/3 way matching, exception handling or the generation of debit notes and credit notes, NimbleS2P ensures seamless integration and compliance with diverse business processes.

    NimbleS2P not only focuses on business excellence but also embraces a compassionate approach towards the environment. By offering features like electronic invoicing and a paperless procurement process, NimbleS2P actively contributes to environmental care.

    NimbleS2P goes beyond providing a Procure-To-Pay solution; it commits to long- term partnerships and business continuity. The platform's promise of support and service excellence ensures that businesses receive ongoing assistance. NimbleS2P's focus on minimal change management further guarantees a smooth transition and sustained efficiency..

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