Procure to Pay Automation

Procure-to-pay automation is a system intended to adjoin the efficiency to the procedures of vendor valuation, assortment, and payment with the assistance of technology. P2P automation seeks to make use of software to get rid of the manual tasks, streamline group effort between the departments, and save the money all the way through augmented accuracy and abridged labor. Each one included with any type of business planning is recognizable with both the procurement and accounts payable, but the two functions are not always in the alliance.

Procurement Section Deals with Vendors

The procurement section deals with the vendors, the AP division pays the bills. They can be often to be found in diverse areas of the office building and can utilize the different systems to carry out their work. For that reason if you would like to come across the ways to computerize certain tasks, it’s imperative to stare at the whole procure-to-pay procedure as a shared objective between the procurement and AP teams. And once you begin to do that whilst implementing the P2P automation, your group can acquire all sorts of benefits such as:

  • Reduced errors and the fiddle
  • Improved supply chain management
  • Better visibility into the business operations
  • Improved conformity with the regulatory bodies

Combine the benefits above and you end up with not only more proficient procedures and cost reductions, but a new device to assist to guide your strategic setting up initiatives. As with all the digital automation, first you need to recognize and organize all steps in the P2P procedure.

A Digital Procurement Process

We lend a hand to you to optimize your purchase-to-pay procedure and integrate flawlessly into your existing systems. With a single link to our Network, you can streamline and mechanize the way you commune with the suppliers whilst gaining control over company spend.


Streamlined distribution and proof of payment of the catalogues, orders, delivery info and invoices.

Supplier Portal

Connect digitally with all your suppliers, in spite of of their digital capabilities.

Here’s how Procure-to-Pay Procedures Look After Automation

  1. Automated & Efficient Purchase Req. Procedures

P2P automation means working with an ERP or financial software to rationalize the workflows for the creation and endorsement of the purchase demand. Once the approver gets the notification in the fiscal software that a purchase demand has been made, they simply assess then approve or refute the appeal.

  1. Informed Vendor Selections

P2P automation needs you to have a digital, centralized catalog of goods and services along with the vendors that provide them. Throughout an ERP or fiscal software, automation enables real-time access to orders, release, pricing, and presentation of vendors to create the vendor selection procedure simple and informed. Notifications are sent instantly in the monetary system for quicker decisions.

  1. Automated PO Workflows & Integrated Systems

Upon sanction, a PO is created. The PO and the demand form (all along with the vendor info) are all in the same monetary system, typically an ERP. With Procure-to-pay automation, API integration can sync your AP software with your ERP and pull open POs for matching covered in the next step.

  1. Streamlined Invoice Processing & Approvals

With the AP Automation, the invoice arrives from the seller to the automated accounts payable system. The data is then automatically captured into a centralized system. If your AP Automation platform is incorporated with the ERP, the AP Automation software can automatically drag the supporting documents, like a PO from the ERP. AP Automation offers control and visibility over invoice dispensation where all invoice actions are tracked, involving invoice communications, and auditable.

  1. Processing Payments

Upon sanction of the invoice, the last thing to do is release for payment. Some AP Automation platforms will let you select how you desire to process payments whilst others force you to utilize their payment resolution. If the payment is processed throughout the AP Automation base or your ERP system, payment agnostic AP platforms will automatically push the accepted invoice into your system, or push payment info into the system. This depends how your organization decided to process payment, which is a perquisite given the payment freedom from some AP Automation platforms

Areas of P2P

Maybe, but for many organizations, no single tool will give the flexibility to efficiently manage all three areas of P2P. This is why we recommend diving into each area, finding out where your processes are broken, and start seeking for automation resolutions to streamline those workflows. Invoice management is our focus, but we’ve specially intended our platform to work cohesively across procure-to-pay automation.

We proffer flawless integrations with well-liked ERPs, accounting systems, and provide your association with payment freedom which aligns to your unique P2P procedure.  If you’d like to see how we fit into your procure-to-pay automation plans, feel free to converse with one of our AP Heroes.

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