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With eInvoicing being a mandate in India, the best thing that you can provide your suppliers is a Supplier Portal integrated with eInvoicing.

In fact, the two biggest challenges that companies face are Supplier Onboarding and Invoice Processing.
What’s better if both the challenges are resolved by a single solution!

So, why wait?
Give your suppliers the power to do delivery management, e-invoice submission, tracking, and more…

Additionally, companies implementing Supplier Portal integrated with eInvoicing reported some exceptional results like as talked about in the next section.

Exceptional Results by implementing Supplier Portal

  • 31% reduction in overall invoice processing costs
  • 24% less time spent on supplier inquiries
  • 32% improvement in on-time payments
  • 37% improvement in the first-pass match due to better invoice accuracy

And even environmental impacts like a 42% reduction in the number of paper invoices are a result of such a powerful software solution.

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