You would surely have come across many platforms that provide solutions and services to support digital businesses and hence proving a helping hand in their execution! Some of these platforms are Office 365 and Adobe Document Cloud! These are actually the Content Services Platform. 

As per the definition by Gartner: 

Content Services Platforms (CSPs) are integrated platforms that provide content-focused services, repositories, APIs, solutions, and business processing tools to support digital business and transformation. 

Some of the good applications of CSPs include: 

  1. Case Management 
  2. Legal Management 
  3. Contract Management 

 Not only this but CSPs are also designed in a way that they have their own repositories. Now, how these repositories are linked with external applications? APIs or prebuilt connectors enhance smoother integration (prepackaged) with these external applications.  

 Well, what are must-have features in a Content Services Platform? Let’s evaluate that! 

  • User-Friendly Interface: The adoption of a simple and intuitive interface is a must for any Content Services Platform to have. 
  • Smart Content Capture: While we’re talking about digital businesses, the transition from physical to digital mode must be intelligent and efficient. This would prevent traditional methods of converting physical forms to digital ones and hence would save time. 
  • Record Management: Provision of a structural and transparent way of maintaining records enhances corporate positions, reduces audit and litigation risk, and ensures compliance. 
  • Document Management: The introduction of CSPs has enabled organizations to move from hierarchical folder management to digital document management where the content can be more naturally organized to fulfill the user’s needs. 
  • Workflow and Process Management: Automation of workflow management and process management should be one of the primary responsibilities of a CSP. 
  • Web and Mobile-enabled: Every CSP should be both web and mobile-enabled so the users can access the content on the device of their choice.  

So, why Laserfiche is the best here? 

Despite facing tough competition from giants like Microsoft and Adobe, Laserfiche is still ranked in the Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice List for 2020! No doubt that this is all due to the services provided by Laserfiche! But let’s explore in-depth how some of the features of Laserfiche make it one of its kind!  

  • It easily gets integrated with the existing ERP without any hassle and starts working within a few days! 
  • It is robust and flexible enough to configure to meet very specific business needs. 
  • It is an all-in-one package  
  • Unlike other CSPs, it is AI-Powered and works on the betterment of workflow automation 
  • With services like Free Demo, Laserfiche has depicted the level of transparency in its system and hence won the trust of enterprises. 
  • With the highest overall rating of 4.8/5, Laserfiche has got services and products even for those who aren’t its customers! One of the products is Document Management Ebook! 

 With some of the unbeatable features and offerings, Laserfiche is surely the modern era’s Content Services Platform, i.e a platform for today and tomorrow! 

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